A career is above all a Virtuous Spiral

How long can you wait for the right moment to jump in your success spiral? People mostly ignore how their career or social situation do affect their own mindset and vice-versa. Often they follow the flow or someone’s lead. And yet, they wonder where are they going to land in the future or how did they land in such a situation. Isn’t this absurde?


Suppose you engage a lawyer to help you win a trial. You have no clue about the arguments that will be used in your favour, but you trust the lawyer to do his job as he is getting paid for it. He will use as much information as he can obtain from you, but those will be cold facts, nothing to do with empathy. Perhaps you don’t even expect any. To sum up, we have: a lawyer that just sells his services and a client that is just awaiting for an end-result. Now imagine that things do not turn so easily out and despite the arguments used in your favour, the judge dismissed you. The lawyer no longer disputes the decision or he might dispute it but most probably with the same exact arguments… And the end result is still a loss…

Why did this end up so? What’s wrong with this?

There is nothing wrong with the lawyer, nor with the situation you are in. It just “turned out” so, the vicious spiral of events. But it all started with your position towards the situation. You trusted the lawyer just because you thought money was guaranteeing your success. So on the one hand, you measured your success in advance with a specific amount of money, hence you already put yourself a limitation. You would make no move from that position until you get a result. On the other hand, the lawyer behaved in the exactly same way. He would not fight more for you as you had not asked for empathy but rather for a professionalism.

Put simply, both behaved the same way – they trusted the standard flow. But ask yourself the question: is your situation standard? Can a standard situation ever even exist?

Diplomatos’ answer is “NO”.

A standard is a “Stand Hard” behaviour, a hard coded reference that rallies opinions, makes people want to reproduce it or, in other words, a phenomenon that you want to repeat. This is nothing but a spiral. A repeating phenomenon, a karma wheel – call this the way you prefer – this is again a trap you won’t escape from. It is made of a perceptive experience you are getting attached/addicted to and that you want to reproduce.

Thus, standard patterns and behaviours are just another illusions fooling you in your way to success. Einstein qualified insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. The most important word here is “EXPECTING”, meaning that you do desire something but you resign acting for it.

Standard means “Attachement to something”, being tied to a model, an experience or a situation. Standard means “Spiral” – the one you cannot handle. Standard is comforting, so you trust it. Standard process, standard jobs, standard books, standard people, standard everything. There is no difference between this and a black hole’s gravitational vortex attracting into itself the flow of events.

It does not mean you have to be different at all cost or that you must distinguish yourself from others. It means that if you want to stop being tortured by this vortex of events you simply must go away from them and start gravitating around other things.

There is just one option to succeed in this adventure: dive into the vortex, understand the depth of the problem (become aware) and start immediately propulsing yourself to a differnt orbit.

The Successful Spiral

The best ever way to create a successful spiral of events in your life (both professionaly and personaly) is to “anticipate upon movements” – or abbreviated A.U.M. . Let’s define this methodology in details.

1. Anticipate

To anticipate means to “take before”, i.e. take care of something before an event happens. It also means to act before, or to think before. This is the easiest part actually. Wonder why? Because Past and Future are the most available things to humans. The past can be recorded and the future can be forecasted. The Present remains the most difficult thing in the world. Hence, you need to either look back or forth and take into account the arriving consequences of your current undertaking.

2. Upon

Upon means “over”, “depending on”. This is a very important term as it indicates you the importance of the Present events that are effectively taking place in the “Now”. Few people are able to reconcile the current situation with the past situation. Just because this requires skillful priority management: ability to weigh the past events’ consequences versus the current difficulties. Surprisingly, the key here is your ABILITY TO RELAX! Yes, the latter word has its sense here. By enabling a relaxed behaviour you let yourself easily distinguish what’s more important and what’s less. There exists no other way to better perform the events priorization tasks.

3. Movements

Movements are the so-called events happening in the perceptible reality. Essentially, everything you can smell, see, hear, taste, feel, understand, think, imagine etc… – are the movements of the great wheel or spiral of events you are being mixed in. Your thoughts cannot appear out of nothing, no single thing happens randomly, it is becaused you are in a cyclic whirlpool of events that you come across various perceptions and thoughts as if you bumped to an asteroïd turing on the same orbit. Thus, pay attention to the movements, signs, everything that can help you navigate your way into the new exit.


No one can claim today being hundred percent aligned with their personality. It is just impossible. By definition, a personality is a characteristic rather than a substance:  it is never the same, its behavior always depends on the situations and – just like our habits – it can take different forms over time. What is this all about…? Our ego. Our Self. Why this article? Because this thing is the root cause of all the sufferance and failures in both professional career and social life.

Wonder what does “being aligned” mean? Who aligns with what? As if there was something else than just our “self”, a presence, an observer that notices the existence of a personality – a virtually made persona – and lets this persona make the conclusions on its behalf. Does that sound complicated? ish…

It becomes even more complicated when someone needs life guidance but instead just listens this damned personality – satisfies its desires, aspirations, fears, addictions, etc. Few people are able to distinguish the inner voice versus the personality’s one. The inner voice means the one coming from the depth of our soul. Our soul? Our substance, consciousness, our awareness or call it whatever you want. In other words when you feel being present, here and now, being in the state of a silent observer – you are making the experience of your substance.

That’s completely different from your personality. The latter mimes and copies in a thousand different ways one’s substance. Not only it is always “acting as” but it is harshly attached to itself and defends its positions and rights for existence. It invents the game of becoming “important”. You like being someone important, or being someone who matters, who makes difference…., don’t you? Why wouldn’t you?

By becoming important, the personality considers that all the challenges and obstacles it overcomes, makes out of it and an even greater “someone”. You become “experienced”. You become “knowledgeable”. You become “clever”. You become that “someone”. You matter.

To succeed well in this relentless game and ensure a complete victory, it makes your substance believe that by losing your personality you’ll lose your “Self”, that you’ll simply die. This is called “self-identification”. It assigns you a persona-type, a character, a role, habits, features. Given that your substance is something extremely subtle and sensitive, very naïf and often open-minded, it believes all the story and gets into the trap of an identification with the so called “Self”. Why that? Because natures fears emptiness.

“What’s the problem in this?” – you would certainly ask. The problem is that you trust your entire life to someone who gets no idea of what to do or what should be done. This looks as if you sat down in a taxi and instead of ordering a trip to your home you trusted the desires of the taxi driver. He may bring you to the place he wants to and that he deems more suitable for you. So, forget about “home”. You’ll never feel yourself home again. You are in a trap, or – if you want – in a trip, a very long trip that may last your entire life. On the way you might be offered some comfort, some great sightseeing’s, some eye-catching stuff, some sensational feelings and you may also meet many interesting people, but never will you ever feel “home”. The disappointments will come one after another. The successes will be alternated by the failures and vice-versa, and yet they simply won’t make sense anymore, because you have no home to bring those successes or failures to.

I do not yet have any clue on how to avoid this or to get rid of it, otherwise I would have been called “Buddha”, however, I have some tricks on how to deal with it and how we can handle it wisely, not cleverly, not intelligently, not shrewdly… but wisely.

In order to succeed in handling this awkward game, you need to be diplomatic. What does this word mean? “Matos” comes from the greek “face” and “diplo” means “double” or “two”. Hence, to succeed you need to see the both sides, the two faces that you and everyone else have.

Many time diplomatic approaches avoided huge crises to the humanity. Then why shouldn’t it work for individuals? Read through the various articles in this website and you will discover the secrets behind the Diplomatos way of thinking.